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Come see hydrofracking documentary "Gasland" Tues, Feb. 1 with Josh Fox!

Started by Sydney Brownstone in Green Policy

"Come join award winning director Josh Fox, Oxfam@ NYU, NYU Sustainability,WEPA, and United for Action to learn about the current and real threats to our city's water supply.

Josh Fox explores the emerging world of hydrofractal drilling, a process that is quickly sweeping across the nation.

Hydraulic Fracturing or "Hydrofracking" is a toxic and hazardous process of natural gas extraction which has caused irreparable damage to the environment. It has caused sickness and death in humans and animals, and made farms, homes and large tracts of land uninhabitable.

After several years of devastating many Western states, gas drilling companies are now descending on New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. In the short time since hydrofracking began in Pennsylvania in 2009, there have been numerous gas well explosions. Rivers have been poisoned and the fish killed, people’s private wells and tap water contaminated causing their water supplies to be undrinkable and unusable for cooking and bathing. And this is just the start!

Large areas of land in upstate New York, including those areas in and near the New York City watershed, have been leased by the gas companies who are ready to drill. This is extremely frightening because NYC is one of the last remaining large cities that have CLEAN, UNFILTERED water supply.

Please join us Febuary 1st, in Kimmel 802 for Gasland screening followed by Q&A with director Josh Fox.

Learn what you can do to protect one of our most precious resources!"

- Lily Astiz

To RSVP: http://www.nyu.edu/rsvp/event.php?e_id=3227

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Gasland - Free viewing online of Josh Fox's documentary on hydrofracking

Mar 11, 2011 at 8:38 PM
Josh Fox's documentary is now available to be viewed online for free. Learn more about how our water supply is being contaminated by the extraction of natural gas:


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