Leave It Better focuses on the solutions. Stories about local, ecological agriculture, collectives that recycle and repair broken electronics, students building gardens and growing food, fashion designers opting to reuse fabrics, community members cleaning up neglected land, farmers selling food directly to their community, non-profit organizations that champion clean air and water, young people choosing a life rooted in healthy work outside.


As we look around us, we realize that there are a lot inspiring people doing a lot of direct actions to heal our environment. As humans, let’s see ourselves as being able to play a positive role in the planet’s ecology. Everyone can do something to have a positive impact, and everyone influences far more than they realize. At Leave It Better, our role is to shine a bright light on those growing and buidling an active and healthy world.

Often when we we hear about the environment, we hear about the massive problems: oil spills, contaminated air, toxic runoff in waters. These types of stories are important because they bring about awareness of vital problems. But, if we only hear the problems, we become apathetic and despondent. We stop believing that we can have a positive impact.